Achievements & Success

October 2010

  • Morrison Christmas television Advert – Matilda Marsh, Alfie Mills, Poppy Dilke, Poppy Llewellyn, Kaitlyn Timbrell-Smith, Sophie Lawson, Amaya Lily Morton, Matthew Dennett, Conor Knight, Sasha Spencer, Harley Hunt, Taylor Plain and Bethany Field
  • Goths – Zoe Brewer, Ibu Langoo, Jordan Mills, Izzy Breslin, Elsie Bridgman and Kayliegh Francis
  • Waitrose Christmas Advert – Matilda Marsh

December 2010

  • Poole Panto – Peter Pan – Jordan Mills, Izzy Breslin, Katherine Charman, Conor Knight, Leah Jack, Jourdan Hunt, Ellie Newton, Evie Martin

January 2011

  • Cadburys World Advert – Cerys Inkpen

February 2011

  • Big Time Rush – Olivia Mills, Lydia Martin, Alice Bridgman, Alice Dilke, Giles Surridge, Izzy Fry, Nancy Morris, Rosie Sherwood, Heidi Williams, Chloe West and Kayleigh Francis.
  • Sainsburys Active Kids Advert – Cerys Inkpen
  • Nivea Advert – Lydia Martin

March 2011

  • Morrisons Advert – Conor Knight

June 2011

  • Persil Small and Mighty Radio Advert – Amaya Lily Morton
  • Cillit Bang Advert – Amaya Lily Morton

July 2011

  • Jessie J Pop Video – Who’s Laughing Now – Matilda Roxy Marsh

Jesse J













December 2011

  • Poole Panto – Cinderella – Chelcie Hunt, Stephanie Walker, Amber Brunsdon, Maddie West, Poppy Dilke, Bethany Field, Evie-Mae Park and Taylor Plain.

December 2012

  • Poole Panto – Aladdin – Chelcie Hunt, Stephanie Walker, Maddie West, Emily Dilke, Poppy Dilke, Bethany Field, Taylor Plain, Matilda Marsh, Amaya lily Morton.

November 2013

  • Warburtons – Cerys Inkpen.

December 2013

  • Poole Panto – Jack and the Beanstalk – Emily Dilke, Stephanie Walker, Maddie West, Chelcie Hunt, Amber Brunsdon, Taylor Plain, Kaitlyn Timbrell-Smith, Grace Elton, Sasha Spencer, Ellie Hawtin, Mabel Colomb, Sophie Lawson, Amaya Lily Morton, Poppy Llewellyn and Matilda Marsh.

December 2014

  • Poole Pantomime – Robin Hood –  Stephanie Walker – Main Part cast as the Fairy, Emily Dilke – Dance Captain, Chelsie Scadding – Senior Dancer, Nancy Morris – Senior Dancer.
  • JUNIOR CHORUS –  Sasha Spencer, Poppy Llewellyn, Amaya-Lily Morton, Mabel Colomb, Aimee Neal, Jasmine Frank, Ranee Dinya, Roxy Hurst, Harley Hunt, Jodie Plain, Conor Knight, Sophie Lawson and Matilda Marsh
  • Main Characters – JACK AND JILL – Conor Knight and Matilda Marsh ( Red Team )   Harley Hunt and Jasmine Frank ( Blue Team )

March 2015

Filming for the television advert on the new P&O cruise Liner BRITTANIA;

  • Tia Jack, Ella Roberts, Theo Cullen, Finn Cullen, Emily Warren, Eliza Marsh, Adam Bice, Jodie Plain, Ocean Tee, Lily Baxter, Molly shepherd, Sheevnee Dinya, Evan Timbrell-Smith, Byron Timbrell-Smith, Lewis Gunn, Jasmine Frank, Madison Tanner, Lily Zschaeck, Sophie Zschaeck and Poppy Foster



December 2015/16

Poole Pantomime – Peter Pan –

SENIOR CHORUS – Ellie Newton and Abi Ford

LOST BOYS – Main Part – Theo Cullen, Adam Bice and Ben Atkins.


Wimborne Pantomime –

Roxy Hurst, Jasmine Frank, Evan Timbrell-Smith and Byron Timbrell-Smith


February 2016

Citty Chitty Bang Bang UK Tour

Amaya-Lily Morton, Chanelle Brooke and Emily Warren


December 2016/17

Aladdin – Poole Lighthouse – Duncan Reeves Productions

Jessica Peel, Eliza Marsh, Jasmine Frank, Sophie Lawson, Amaya-Lily Morton, Roxy Hurst and Matilda Marsh


Sleeping Beauty – Tivoli Theatre – Wimborne

Maddie Lack, Molly Shepherd, Charlize Corbin-Ward, Rebecca Bentham, Evan Timbrell-Smith and Byron Timbrell-Smith.


March 2017

English Youth Ballet – Sleeping Beauty

Jasmine Frank, Rebecca Bentham, Roxy Hurst and Matilda Marsh


April 2017

Finalist in Teenstar vocal competition – Gracie Park


December 2017/18

Cinderella – Poole Lighthouse – Duncan Reeves Productions

Emelia Chisnall, Evie Chisnall, Mischa Bellows, Jasmine Frank, Sophie Lawson, Roxy Hurst, Harley Hunt, Amaya-Lily Morton and Matilda Marsh


Jordan Mills

  • Jordan trained  at Poole Academy of Dance for 15 years, performing as Fizzy, Fiyero and Simba, and over the past year has gained some achievements.

After joining Tap Attack, he represented England at the IDO World Tap Championships in Germany, where he came 2nd and 3rd with the England tap team, and 6th in the solo event. Since then, with the boys tap group ‘Extreme Tap’, he has featured on Got To Dance, gaining three gold stars, performed at Move It dance convention alongside Twist and Pulse, and performed as a special guest at the 02 Arena’s Street Dance International Show. Jordan is now studying at the Guildford School of Acting in Musical Theatre and Performance.

Ibu Langoo

ibuI started at PAD in 2007, and I’ve never looked back. The training I’ve had in both dance and singing has helped me acquire roles in PAD such as Fiyero in Wicked, along with roles outside such as Nick in Fame and being a principal member of South Coast Ballet. The training also helped me get a job as an entertainer at The Sandbanks Hotel. Aside from the performances, I’ve been given the opportunity to edit the music for the school, allowing me to develop my music technology skills. I am now studying Performing Arts at Colchester Institute,